Impressions upon my mind

So when discussing Impressionism, and whether I like it or not, the question of “why” do you enjoy a piece of art really depends on mood. For instance, I mostly go for art that shows a high level of detail and technical skill, but Impressionist pieces do a lot for happy feelings, and just an overall sense of beauty. With Impressionist work, I can let my eyes sort of relax, and just enjoy the scene. I believe Argenteuile by Claude Monet, painted in 1875 is a great example of this..

Argentieule by Claude Monet



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One response to “Impressions upon my mind

  • dwhoman

    I agree with your assessment of Impressionism and the particular work you chose that it does evoke good feelings, especially those by Monet. I used his works as examples in my own post. However, your post is lacking in any comparisons to previous or contemporary styles. It seems that you need to add to this post at least one more picture that is not Impressionist.

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