The Wings of War

So, while spending hours digging through piles of artwork from the “Early Modern” period, I finally managed to dredge up some fantastic pieces that I really enjoy. The first being Volo Agitato (Shaking Flight), by Tullio Crali in 1938.

Shaking Flight

From an aesthetic perspective, I’m a huge fan of the dark tone, and the transparency skill the artist shows. The Cubist influence is still present in this Futurist piece. With the time period that this was painted, WWI was beginning to be a painful memory, and WWII was about to erupt. This I think, accounts for both the dark tone, and probably warplane depicted.

This second piece, painted just a year later, is not only another visual reminder of the war, but also of the technological advances that were coming about. Skyscrapers, advanced aeronautical design, and more accurate instruments for pilots. Nose Dive on the City is also by Tullio Crali [Edit: didn’t notice this until I started typing, haha].

Nose Dive on the City


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5 responses to “The Wings of War

  • gilbertimusprime

    These paintings are very dynamic. Excellent choices. Clear connections to the World Wars are present. I liek these paintings too, they have a stylized look, but they have such movement and excitement, as well as a dark subject implied.

  • ryansart200blog

    I really like these two pieces you chose the style of painting is unique. “Volo Agitato” gives the viewer an interesting take on flight and I felt like I was in the plane sweeping over the landscape below. Good job presenting all of the facts. The connection you make between the art and the war is brief, but it does make sense so I guess you can only elaborate on it so much.

  • Brittany Milton

    The paintings you chose were great I love them. They are very interesting to look at like there are two pictures in one. You did a good job connecting them too.

  • Tonivz

    Good job on the blogs. I really like the two pieces that you chose. I especially like the lighting in the second piece. You also did a good job on connecting the painting to the war. I really like how you said the dark tones could mean the painful memories.

  • tkdavid

    WHAT THE HECK?! Man these pieces are quite amazing… i simply love them! Love the fact that in the first painting the plane is almost ‘see-through’ and you can see the simply peaceful farm below. Now the second is also an amazing painting because of the lighting of the entire thing, and the detail of the cockpit.

    You definitely got it right when saying the painful memories are shown by the dark tones.

    Truly extraordinary.

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