The Gallery of Vaguely Creepy

Hello again, and welcome to another installment of Arts with vypr. This weeks sampling is a gallery, a compendium of images and artists that excel in creating vaguely creepy or disturbing images, particularly female.

First on the list is Esao Andrews. Born May 23rd, 1978 in Mesa, Arizona, this artist initially got his start designing skateboards for Baker Skateboards. The following are some of my favorite pieces of his. (Hopefully the gallery put these in order)

  • Acorn and The Dryad, 2004, oil on wood – Though the Dryad is visually the most “creepy” part of the image, Andrews’ depiction of ‘Acorn’ is still his typical vaguely disturbing style.
  • Finch, 2005, oil on wood – This is another piece where Andrews uses a distorted creature to accentuate his unique female figures.
  • Girl Still Life, 2007, oil on wood. – note the play on words of the title, and if you can discern why this fits the “creepy” description.
  • Gotham Girls, date unknown, oil on wood – Though this piece really has less of a creepy feel to it, these are still the three “bad girls” of Gotham, meaning they’re pretty creepy in their own right. Esao Andrews’ treatment of the characters is fantastic, and nails them perfectly.
  • Juturna, 2005, oil on wood – The figure is definitely the more prominent “creepy” element in this piece. Though the old style gate and weeds do much to enhance the feel.. the grey tones of the girl ultimately lend to a deathly pallor.
  • The Mascots, 2003, oil on wood – I really don’t think I have to go into too much detail into why this pieces makes the “creepy” cut. The unnatural pose of the girl, the strange creatures, all add up to another amazingly Esao Andrews painting.

The second artist I wish to feature is one who is frequently attributed with starting or at least, establishing what he calls “pop surrealism”.  Mark Ryden was first introduced on January 20th, 1963, in Medford, Oregon. Achieving his BFA at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1987, he started gathering attention in the 1990s.  Though he is credited with starting this movement, his art is usually also qualified as “lowbrow”. To me this means, the snooty uppercrust don’t think it’s art, but usually means I’ll be more interested in it. To each his own, I suppose. His style seems to be consistent.. young looking children, with large, vaguely creepy, heads and eyes. Usually painted in absurd or cutesy outfits and situations. The following is actually a better description, from his own bio on his site.

Ryden’s vocabulary ranges from cryptic to cute, treading a fine line between nostalgic cliché and disturbing archetype. Seduced by his infinitely detailed and meticulously glazed surfaces, the viewer is confronted with the juxtaposition of the childhood innocence and the mysterious recesses of the soul. A subtle disquiet inhabits his paintings; the work is achingly beautiful as it hints at darker psychic stuff beneath the surface of cultural kitsch. In Ryden’s world cherubic girls rub elbows with strange and mysterious figures. Ornately carved frames lend the paintings a baroque exuberance that adds gravity to their enigmatic themes.

Now onto the good stuff, the pictures! Er, rather, go back up to the gallery to check out his pieces. Each photo is clickable, and has my comments and the art info on it.

The final artist who I wish to include in this cavalcade of creepy, is Jason Chan. Though his main work is mostly illustrative, I love his talent, and his skill in creating various forms of creepy and beautiful. He was born in Stockton, California in 1983, and after moving to San Francisco, attending the Academy of Art University, and changing majors from 3D animation to Illustration, he graduated in the spring of 2006.

Though he began his artistic adventures in the direction of manga, due to his love of all things comic/game/cartoon; after school, he soon began to embrace that which he’d learned. Life drawing, anatomy, old masters such as Rockwell, Sargent, and Layender, soon influenced his work.

The final six images in the gallery are Jason’s. I will try to put my comments on each individual photo, as opposed to the format of the first artist.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I hoped you enjoyed the pieces and artists that I have selected, despite the vaguely creepy nature.  For more information, and more of these artists’ work, check out my sources below:

Esao Andrews

Blog feat. Andrews’ work –
Main Homepage –
Wiki Page – 

Mark Ryden

Main Homepage –
Wiki Page –

Jason Chan

Main Homepage –


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