Non-Western Art, the 2nd

Hello again readers, welcome to the second installment of vypr’s exploration of Non-Western art. This post is going to be focusing on a piece of art from the nation of China. Landscape paintings on silk have been a tradition for hundreds of years, and has long been a matter of interest to me.

This particular piece is from the Southern Song Dynasty, which was the period between 1127-1279. The artist is Ma Yuan. “Ma Yuan, a fourth-generation member of a family of painters, was a leading artist at the Southern Song painting academy in Hangzhou. A city of unsurpassed beauty, Hangzhou was graced with pavilions, gardens, and scenic vistas.”

Source:Ma Yuan: Scholar by a Waterfall (1973.120.9) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The piece, entitled Scholar by a Waterfall, is currently being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (though not currently on display).

Scholar by a Waterfall by Ma Yuan


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One response to “Non-Western Art, the 2nd

  • andr3agi

    Thank you so much for putting the link up, because the picture shown did not pop up. However you could have gotten more extensive on details for your end. although i admire the piece you chose. good job

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